Tuesday 15 October 2013

The Only Way Is ....Yorkshire (Portfolio Buy)

I admit it - I'm running out of ideas.
Keeping my DIY Income Investor portfolio diversified means not putting too much in any single investment. I don't like to put more than about 5% of the portfolio in anything - in fact I have around 40 different holdings.

The search for sustainable high yield continues, most recently finding a new international Exchange Traded Fund. But finding something new that I don't already hold is proving difficult.

Here's a recap on what I am trying to do with the DIY Income Investor portfolio:
  • looking for sustainable high-yield income
  • a balance of dividend shares and fixed-income securities (like corporate bonds, PIBS and preference shares)
  • an increasing proportion of international ETFs based on these types of holdings

The portfolio has become rather top-heavy in dividend shares (as a result of taking a lot of profit on bond sales) so the latest purchase seeks to remedy that. However, I'm not entirely happy with it, as it looks too much like buying future yield.

The new purchase is the

Update 12/12/13: Tender offer £1.50.

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