Tuesday, 15 February 2011

More about Dividends

Dividends are a key income stream in the DIY Income Investor approach - and can be accessed via an ETF or by directly buying individual shares. The basics are pretty much the same everywhere - you buy shares in the company and it pays you money regularly for owning the shares. However, the way to shield that income from tax (if possible) will differ around the world.  This post gives a couple of examples of dividend investing from around the world.

A recent post on Free from Broke entitled 'What are Dividends' provides a useful US-based background to what dividends are, why companies pay them and why they are a useful part of your investment strategy.

Canadian Couch Potato debunks some myths about dividend investing from a Canadian perspective.

I am not a financial advisor and the information provided does not constitute financial advice. You should always do your own research on top of what you learn here to ensure that it's right for your specific circumstances.

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